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How many times while growing up did my dad tell me,”Write it down!” How many times have I told myself the exact same thing? Answer to both: too many.
Writing something down has been demonstrated to be an effective memorization technique. It’s also the secret to the past that can help shape your future – and I do mean shape your future. To know where you are going, it helps to know where you’re coming from. Regardless of how much fish oil or ginkgo you take, it’s far-fetched to expect you will remember every set, rep, mile and nuance of your last workout or the one before that.
Why do you need to remember what you’ve already done? Same reason people write down recipes: to boost the chances of success the next time you are in that situation.
And I am not speaking just sets and reps. In reality, anything which affects your senses can affect your workout, even if you’ve mastered how to block out distractions. Recreating a situation in which you can tune out those annoyance increases the possibility of a favorable gym experience. Control what you can, have a back-up plan for what you can’t and ignore the rest.
Food and supplement intake, including quality, quantity and timing, also affects your exercise, so make some notes. At the fitness center, temperature, lighting, music, accessibility to the equipment you need, the gym’s layout and how busy it is are all variables in your workout. Things you discovered on a particular day that influenced your training, good or bad, are worth jotting down.
After a while, taking notes will become second nature – a frequent occurrence in your day-to-day workouts. It doesn’t have to be prose; it may be bullet points. The next time you’re in a slump, reverse back to a great workout and see why it worked. Draw from that adventure. Borrow that recipe. It will not always work, but it could mean the difference between a bad day, week or even month. If you exploit creativity with discipline, you can make a masterpiece. Write that down.
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