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It’s tough to eat and sleep outdoors, but you don’t have to compromise comfort. There are some things you can attempt to make your campsite feel more like your real home, especially if you’re staying for a couple of days or even a few weeks.

Here are 5 easy ways to make your campsite more comfortable:

Choose the Ideal place to pitch your tent

When setting up camp, where you decide to pitch your tent greatly influences your comfort. Choose a dry, flat surface that’s at least 200 feet away from any body of water. This will allow you to avoid mosquitoes and other creatures that wander around to drink water. Set up camp under a tree – the leaves will help block wind or sudden rain as well as the smoke and the noise of nearby campers.

It is going to be your home for a while, so don’t be afraid to make it your own and add a little bit of personal touch. If you do pitch your tent near or beneath a tree, put up some battery-operated string lights in the branches. Not only will it look real nice, but will also add some much-needed lighting on your website. You can also opt to bring a lightweight rug or floor mat from home to add extra comfort when you’re barefoot in the tent.

Do not stick to just a sleeping bag

An inflatable camping bed is way more comfortable to most people compared to sleeping bags, especially to new campers. Bring your favourite thick blanket, a wonderful fluffy pillow and some extra sheets to make you sleep soundly in the outdoors so much simpler.

Find relaxing activities

The possibilities are endless when you’re in the great outdoors – you can go hiking, fishing, exploring and many more. These are all fun but tiring. When you are in a camping excursion, you don’t have to perform these activities all at once. It’s important that you find time to relax and enjoy nature in another way. Take time to enjoy a warm drink and read a great book, or just sing and tell stories around the campfire with other campers.

When you feel safe and comfortable in a totally different environment like the outside, that is when you begin to have fun! Being out in nature does not mean you can not be comfy so try these easy ways to create your campsite more comfortable!

Make Your Campsite

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