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The weather appears to have taken a turn for the better over the past week or so with spring and summer finally on the horizon! It is now of the year we begin to pull our backyard furniture from storage, baffled by how it has managed to fall to ruin in just a year! Now that the sun is shining and temperatures are climbing, it is the perfect time to start considering upgrading our garden furniture.

However big or small your outdoor area is, it is inevitable that you will be looking for someplace to sit this summer. Benches are the perfect way to create a focal point in your garden, adding a particularly dramatic look when placed under a tree or facing your lovely flower bed. There are a range of different designs available, with amorous metalwork and traditional wooden structures all feasible choices.

Garden furniture isn’t commonly associated with being the most comfy chairs in the world, because of the need for durability, however there are many ways to style your garden bench in order to improve this. Outdoor cushions and blankets can help add to the aesthetics but also result in a more pleasant and relaxing experience altogether!

The development of waterproof textile designs has caused a wonderful gain in the amount of different styles and shapes available in the marketplace. It is common to adhere to safer options when accessorising pieces of furniture, with neutral and solid colours proving to be popular selections! In fact, it is a celebrated trend to try and incorporate a variety of different patterns and colours to create an eye-catching and alternative look. It is also a wonderful way to bring a little bit of your personality to the fore. Another valuable tip, if you are uncertain of what path to take, is to use a mixture of neutral and solid coloured cushions alongside a few patterned scatter cushions of your choice. This is a more conventional approach and will also make any chair/bench/swing seem like it is straight out of an interior design magazine.

Most garden pieces are built to last but with the British weather often proving unpredictable it may also be a wise move to invest in a tarpaulin cover, or something similar, to help protect your furniture during the harsher months of the year. This will eliminate the need to store your outdoor chairs, benches, tables etc. indoors during autumn and winter.

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